Web projects (JAVA and PHP), Mobile applications, Desktop projects (JAVA), Analysis and advice it, IT support

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We Provide Awesome Solutions With a Great Attention to Details

E-brothers is a software development company whose employees create, support and develop IT projects. We can be independent or part of a larger team, completing the tasks specified by the Project Manager. The customer thanks to this solution is the ability to quickly enlarge their personal resources, eg. For a period of three months, without having to hire additional staff. Below is a list of customers who trust us and we help to create or develop their products.

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About Us

11 years on the global market.
We work since 2011.

We are a team of 5 developers constantly lifting our skills through training and courses in which we participate. Due to our openness to work in different development teams is not a problem for us. We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience of other members of the client team. Today, our developers are certified with Spring and DB2, it will soon be certified with Liferay and Symfony.

Java (Spring, JSF, JSP, Liferay) 100%
100% Complete
PHP (Symfony, Cake, Zend) 100%
100% Complete
Integration (SAP, Payments Systems, Systems with API) 100%
100% Complete
CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, CMS Made Simple) 90%
90% Complete
Shops (Prestashop, Magento) 80%
80% Complete
Mobile (Android, Ios, Windows) 80%
80% Complete
Web (Html, Css, JS, Jquery) 70%
70% Complete

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Why Choose Us

Create solutions to customer needs

Always the first place we put the requirements and needs of the customer, so our solutions will be what the customer expects, at the best possible price.

Perfect Coding

Each programming code placed on the servers the client is many times checked and analyzed in terms of quality and standards adopted.

Fast response time

The response time is often a key component of any IT project, which is why we strive to make the time to answer questions, as well as the time needed to repair the error was minimal.

Use of the latest technology

Participation in conferences and training that makes in our work we use the latest technologies and solutions.

5 Stars Support

Every customer is treated individually and it is most important for us. Our experienced programmers help and advice at every idea and problem.

Products easy to further develop independent

Developing solutions according to accepted standards makes the project can be development by client independently.


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